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Maritime Conversion Programme

• Unemployed Graduates (OND, HND, BSc and Post Degree Applicants)
• Downsized Workers
• Individuals seeking career change and business opportunities in the maritime industry
• Experienced Job Seekers
• Tech-Enterpreneurs etc

MCP Objectives
To introduce Nigerian graduates to the maritime sector thus attracting career prospects and developments in the sector.

To bridge the gap between the older and the younger generation for effective knowledge transfer and manpower sustainability.

To strategically fill the manpower gaps hindering private sector business goal maximization within the industry.

To create a pool of potential and multidisciplinary qualified candidates with the ability to fit into any aspect of the Nigeria Maritime Industry.

To create a database of idle and employable hands in the maritime sector that the government or the concerned private sector can invest in their further development for the sustainable growth of the sector.

Benefits of Registering For The Maritime Conversion Programme

Learn the history and general overview of Shipping and the Nigeria Maritime Industry.
Understand the Overview of Logistics, Port, Terminals & Freight Management.
Investment and Business Opportunities in the Maritime Sub-Sectors.
The Future of The Nigerian Maritime Industry; How to Position For Opportunities.
Inherent Employment Opportunities in Maritime Reforms
Rudiments of Maritime Law; How Young Lawyers Can Become Maritime Lawyers.
Marine Insurance
Marine Policies, Cabotage and Local Content and how it affects your day to day living.
Understand a Wide Range of Services young People Can Render to Stakeholders Within the Value Chain.
Concessioning and Automation of Port Operations and Services; Inherent Opportunities for
the Younger Generation.
Commercial Opportunities in Shipping Services For The Technology Generation.

Degree, qualifications, experience is no barrier.

Training, Internship and Mentorship with over 2,450 Ship Building Companies, DryDock Owners, Port and Terminal Operators, Oil and Gas Downstream Service Operators, Maritime Organizations, International Oil Companies, Maritime/Shipping Companies/Consultants, Maritime Law Firms and Arbitrators, Maritime Logistics Operators, Financial Institutions with Maritime Desks, Tanker Vessels Operators, and container terminal operators, Logistics Chain and Transport Link Owners etc.

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